30 May 2016

Kuwait has signed a partnership agreement with Ina to digitise its radio heritage

On 29 May, Dr. Adnan Ahmad Shahab Al Deen, Managing Director of the Kuwaiti Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) and Bruno Burtre, Ina’s Director for Higher Education, Research and Training, signed an agreement to accompany the Kuwaiti Information Ministry in its project to protect Kuwait’s national radio heritage. The signing took place at KFAS head offices.

With Ina, Kuwait’s Information Ministry will enjoy twofold support on this major project, in both expertise and methodology.

For this project, Ina will, over the next 24 months, be acting as advisor to the Information Ministry to audit the radio collections, defining a digitisation plan and managing digitised content.

Ina will bring into play the unique savoir-faire and experience it has built up over more than 40 years advising private and public organisations seeking to build and implement a preservation, digitisation and development plan for their audiovisual archives both in France and on international markets.